Bad measurement mic...

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Bad measurement mic...

Postby Soundman2020 » Mon, 2019-Nov-11, 01:41

Just a quick rant from me, to get this forum area started: I strongly dislike the Behringer ECM-8000 acoustic measurement mic! It's a disaster.

There's not many mics I completely avoid, but this one I do. Build quality is poor, there's a factory defect in many mics that leaves the internal grounding messed up, so you get major mains hum (I know, because I got one of them! Brand new, and it buzzes like crazy), and the consistency is all over the place.

It's supposed to be a piece of precision equipment that you can rely on for accurate acoustic measurements... but it isn't.

Here's a graph from a company that specializes in calibrating mics, showing the calibrated frequency response of 85 ECM8000 mics that were sent to them for calibration, (normalized at 1 kHz):
You can see the huge scary differences... easily +/- 5dB... and that's supposed to be a precision mic? :shock: :roll:

Now compare that to what the manufacturer actually claims for their mic:

It doesn't match too well! :)

The only time I'd use a Behringer ECM-8000 is if it did not have the internal grounding defect, and had been properly calibrated by a company such as the one mentioned above. Otherwise... Nope.

For about the same money, you can get a much better mic, such as the PreSonus PRM1, or something similar from another reputable manufacturer.

Caveat Emptor.

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