Amp Riser Effectiveness

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Re: Amp Riser Effectiveness


Postby endorka » Wed, 2019-Nov-27, 16:14

Soundman2020 wrote:
endorka wrote:Cheers Stuart. It's just the camera angle, the riser is about a foot away from the rear wall.

Are you sure? It doesn't look like a foot...

Aha, I see the confusion :-) Fortunately that's a side wall, and it's the bottom of a bass trap angled at 45 degrees from the wall. The riser is a couple of inches away from it. The rear wall is the one with the visible wooden skirting behind the kit. There's usually some bass traps there too, but I moved them out the way for the rehearsal.

That testing machine is impressive, but like you I suspect these cost a small fortune. No fears, I have a contraption in mind to serve in its stead :-)


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